Elena Caraballo


I like to make  flatlays to inspire the looks that I put together for the editorials or ad campaigns that I work on. Here are some of my favorite flatlays, many of them centered on infantwear, a fashion field I really love. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images. I hope you enoy them!


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“Always be knolling”


Flatlays date from 1987, when a janitor working in Frank Gehry’s furniture fabrication shop realized how nice it looked when he laid out all his tools at right angles. He decided to call his display knolling, inspired by the clean lines of the mid-century modern Knoll furniture that Gehry was working on at the time.

Soon enough, American artist and sculptor Tom Sachs, who also spent time in Gehry’s shop, caught on and coined the mantra “Always Be Knolling”, even making a studio manual that explained how to knoll in 2009.

In no time, knolling  evolved into neatly laid out magazine spreads that showcased numerous products in a clear way.  Bloggers soon adopted the style in their own photography and the practice naturally progressed to Instagram, where the term “knolling” becameflatlay.

Infant Fashion

Animated Flatlay